Re: Subject: Re: 3016 PET and BTX Decoder ROMs

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-07-10 13:32:50

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> My project for this summer is reverse-engineering the Magic Voice
> schematic, so it will be easier to reverse-engineer the V364 when I
> finally see it. It looks like I only need to desolder 2 glue logic chips
> to see all the connections as the other 4 ICs are socketed.

Good project :-) I started to do that once, because my MV wasn't working.
Turned out to be a bad 6525 chip. The speech chip was pretty much of a
black box to me back then, and I didn't get further than uploading the
speech ROM.

> Has anyone made any sense of the T6721A datasheets yet?

No too much, but of course it does help to have it. At least you can see
how commands and speech data are passed into the chip, and this in turn
tells you lots about the gate array and the FIFO chip on the module.

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