Re: Subject: Re: 3016 PET and BTX Decoder ROMs

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2000-07-10 13:22:43

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Andre Fachat wrote:

> Are copies of that ROMs on funet?
> If not, can you upload them there?

I think you meant the PET ROMs, but if anyone's looking for the BTX ROMs
they are now at:

I haven't actually powered up the 3016 PET yet so I have no idea what the
extra ROM does.

My project for this summer is reverse-engineering the Magic Voice
schematic, so it will be easier to reverse-engineer the V364 when I
finally see it. It looks like I only need to desolder 2 glue logic chips
to see all the connections as the other 4 ICs are socketed.

Has anyone made any sense of the T6721A datasheets yet?


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