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From: Mark (
Date: 2000-07-09 23:05:02

On 07-Jul-00, Robin Harbron wrote:
> Steve Judd and I are equally excited about finally seeing
> our PAL 64's in colour :)
> Nicolas Welte wrote:
>> I didn't look at that page yet, but I already have a similar device, and
>> it works great with both PAL and NTSC machines. I got it used for DM100,
>> it is one of those standalone TV tuner boxes which you can connect to a
>> VGA monitor. Since BT848 based TV cards are so popular, nobody wants the
>> external ones anymore, but it is fine for me.
> I didn't know that such a thing existed - can you give us the
> exact name and model of this device?  I'd like to look for one!
> I've been looking into multi-standard televisions for this same
> purpose (using PAL devices in colour) for the last little while,
> but one of these devices seems both more versatile and more
> cost-effective.

There are analogue colour standard converters which take a PAL composite
signal as input and output an NTSC composite signal. These don't convert the
field rate, so the output is "NTSC 50". Assuming you have a TV or monitor
which can handle a 50Hz signal, this would be a good option for using a PAL
C64 on an NTSC-only monitor. Most Commodore ones would work, 1081, 1084 etc.
(A proper 50Hz-to-60Hz standards converter would probably make the image less

I seem to remember them costing US$80 or so at MCM Electronics
( Similar units can convert NTSC to PAL.

-- Mark

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