Re: service manuals online

From: Mark (
Date: 2000-07-09 21:55:08

On 04-Jul-00, Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I just found this site:
> It has the most recent version of the C64 service manual and also the
> C65 technical manual online, though only in a 72dpi version. The 300dpi
> version can be ordered on CD-ROM. Maybe I can talk them into uploading
> the stuff to funet.

To use a cliche, it never ceases to amaze me that people scan black and white
documents into JPEG files. This is about the worst possible file format for
that type of image.

Were the document to be scanned in monochrome at 300dpi, file size would be
easily manageable and it would look good both when printed out (unlike
greyscale JPEGs) and on screen.

If/when I ever get a scanner, I hope to scan the manuals that I have properly
and make them available. (But I only have Amiga-era service manuals, nothing

-- Mark

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