From: Bo Zimmerman (bo_zimmerman_at_webiqinc.com)
Date: 2000-07-07 20:29:21

  Hey all...

	I recently received an SFD-1001 with drive select switches.  I went poking
around inside the drive and found some things I don't quite understand.  I
noticed that the SFD-1001 has no less than TWO 6502 processors.  One on the
main board, and another on a small daughterboard above the main board.  In
addition, the main board has two 6532s (for the iEEE-488 bus, I expect), but
the daughterboard also has a 6522 near the 6502, and two other chips
besides, marked 251257-02a, and 901885-04.  One is a 24pin 2k eeprom.

	I'm curious about a couple of things:  whats the 6522 for?  Why does a
single drive need two 6502s, and why the daughterboard?

      - Bo

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