Re: C64 to VGA (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-07-07 17:44:45

Robin Harbron wrote:
> I didn't know that such a thing existed - can you give us the
> exact name and model of this device?  I'd like to look for one!

My device is labelled by Lenco (, but I don't think
they manufactured it themselves. Don't remember the model number right now.
They also don't sell it anymore, I couldn't even find it on their page when
I bought it almost one year ago.

There's a similar device that is still quite popular among some German C64
fans (one of them put a C64 with some CMD stuff and an SX64 keyboard with
such a device into a flat metal box and connects it to a VGA flat panel
display). It's called something like Proview TV-Box, and is/was available
from I also remember another similar device from,
but I forgot the name. All of them were in the range of DM200 to DM230,
which is IMO too expensive.

> I've been looking into multi-standard televisions for this same
> purpose (using PAL devices in colour) for the last little while,
> but one of these devices seems both more versatile and more
> cost-effective.

I'm the lucky owner of a multi standard capable TV set, but I bought it two
years ago because I wanted a new TV (the old one was broken) and it was
rather cheap. Lucky me, it also displays NTSC fine :-)

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