Re: origin of C64 HMOS version?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-21 23:16:11 wrote:
> Im sorry but you lost me with "C64C", "C64B3", "C64E" and other board-types.
> Could you give me the 250xxx version y equivalent, please? (And I put this in
> my databse as well)

Hallo Ruud,

the assembly numbers for mentioned boards are:

326298  :C64     
250407  :C64A
250425  :C64B
250441  :C64B2
250466  :C64B3  (my service manual has an error here, it says 250446)
250469  :C64E

C64C is not a board name, it is the model name of the flat C64. The
breadbox is just a plain C64, while the white breadbox has the model
name C64G. 

The C64E has three revisions: rev.3, rev.4 (these don't differ much,
probably only the DIN plugs and mounting holes differ) and rev.B. The
latter has a different memory controller that includes the color RAM and
therefore doesn't have a place for a 2114 chip anymore. I tend to call
the 250469 rev.B the C64E2, but it is not an official name.

I also have a board that is something between the C64 and C64A,
unfortunately there is no assembly number on it. The markings on top are
(printed in white):
And bottom (in the copper layer):
FAB NO. 251022 REV:A


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