Re: C64- and VIC-20-types

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-21 23:38:58

I also have some spare chips lying around, which were not on the list

Top side markings    Case    Bottom side markings

MOS 6567R8   0984    plastic KOREA       AH054102
MOS 6567R8   5183    plastic HONG KONG   unreadable

MOS 6569R5   1886 S  plastic HONG KONG   HH155108 HC-30

MOS 8564R6 V6 50-85  plastic USA         NM494853 
(I also have a 8564R4, but built-in)

MOS 8568   1588 2002 plastic HONG KONG   HH154204 HC-30


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