From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-06-15 04:46:45

Ok, my thought is the type of SIMM, I have some that don't work as
predictably on some computers even though they are rated for such...  I
think the older ones have more problem on newer machines, (power
consumption, etc) 

On IBMs SIMMs parity can be an issue as well, are they "non-parity"?

"Dave R." wrote:
> Since the SCPU list is being a pain in the butt, I'll run this by you guys...
> *sigh*
> I bought two 72-pin SIMMs last week, one EDO, one fastpage, both 16mb 70ns.
> Put the EDO (which is what it wants) in my Lexmark printer and it says it
> only sees 8mb. Put the fastpage in there. Same thing. But I doubt you can
> help me with that...
> I then put the fastpage in my SuperCPU. It boots up saying 16mb. Wheels
> doesn't want to boot...("System Error near $04B5"). SuperRAMTest gets all
> the way through the bit fill pattern test, but fails the block/page
> addressing test immediately. Same story for the EDO, but that was to be
> expected.
> All the chips in the SCPU are firmly set in their sockets, and there's
> nothing else plugged into the 128 except my 1581.
> The chips both seem to work fine in my parents' PC.
> Is there something I might be missing here?
> Thanks,
> Dave Ross

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