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From: Dave R. (watson_at_enteract.com)
Date: 2000-06-15 04:06:47

Since the SCPU list is being a pain in the butt, I'll run this by you guys...


I bought two 72-pin SIMMs last week, one EDO, one fastpage, both 16mb 70ns. 
Put the EDO (which is what it wants) in my Lexmark printer and it says it 
only sees 8mb. Put the fastpage in there. Same thing. But I doubt you can 
help me with that...

I then put the fastpage in my SuperCPU. It boots up saying 16mb. Wheels 
doesn't want to boot...("System Error near $04B5"). SuperRAMTest gets all 
the way through the bit fill pattern test, but fails the block/page 
addressing test immediately. Same story for the EDO, but that was to be 

All the chips in the SCPU are firmly set in their sockets, and there's 
nothing else plugged into the 128 except my 1581.

The chips both seem to work fine in my parents' PC.

Is there something I might be missing here?

Dave Ross
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