Re: C64- and VIC-20-types (2)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-06-15 02:32:03

On the subject of board types, I got an e-mail from Rayzor (one of the
American Commodore fantics) who believed his unit was from one of the
first production runs of the 64,  Since you are on the subject where
does this machine one fit in?

The case is certainly early, grey breadbox w/stainless steel "commodore"
and "64" labels, though the picture shows VIC-20 tan function keys and
helvetica narrow type font on the keycaps (not microgramma like the
older VIC/PET keyboards)...

This is his reply on my questions on the internals:

> Larry,
> Had it apart once.  I noted most of the chips were surface mounted, and the

I don't think he means SMI, just non-socketed.

> VIC was in its own cage, it is a grey chip with a gold square in the center,
> obviously to disipate heat.  The top of the cage had a metal 'finger'
> touching it.  I could not read the writing on the gold square since it was
> covered with that white heat disipating gunk.
> The motherboard however is clearly marked but I cannot get a good photo with
> it to put on that webpage.  It states   1982 rev c  on it, as well as an
> assembly number which I did not write down.

So... for $50,000 (in your dreams), name that revision! Was it the first
production run?
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