Re: C64- and VIC-20-types (2)

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2000-06-14 23:38:37

On Wed, 14 Jun 100 wrote:

> Yesterday I forgot to mention that I found a board, 250466. It looks like a 
> 250425 except it has two 41464 4*64K DRAM instead the usual eight 4164 1*64K. 
> Can anybody tell me in what kind of case it belongs?

I would say that is a 64C board. They're quite rare in England, but I've
seen loads of them for sale on eBay (America). They have the earlier key
cap designs from the breadbox C64s (graphics characters on the front of
the keys) but the same case and colour as the later C64Cs.


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