Re: C64- and VIC-20-types

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-14 15:50:45 wrote:
> sepperated in two brownish ones and a white one. The brownish ones can be
> sepperated in a type with three pairs of small hooks and a type with three
> broad hooks. With these hooks I mean the hooks on the inside at the back of the
> C64 to close it.

If you look closely, the breadbox with the small hooks is about 5mm
higher than the other type. Also, there are many different versions of
the breadbox with the broad hooks: It exists with and without the
C16-like port name inscriptions, it exists in white colour, and I've
seen one white one where they tried to save on a few screws: the
keyboard is held by plastic snap-in holders into the upper part of the
box, and only two instead of eight screws are needed. The lower part of
that box also has extra support mounts for the keyboard. I found a
similar design for the C64C as well, but while it works well for the
breadbox, the C64C feels very cheapish, it makes lots of noise while you
type, and the box can be bent easily.

> The above "at least" has to do with the cases (also small and broad hooks) and
> the four different types of keyboards I found. The first one has the cables
> attached to middle of the above side of the KB, the second one is like the
> first one but has edge-connectors as well, the third one has the cables
> attached on the rigth side of the board and the fourth one has the cables
> attached in the middle under the keys.

I think I've seen at least two, but probably three different keyboard
versions in the C64 as well, not counting the various colours. The last
one you describe is the normal C64 keyboard, but I also found at least
one version that does not have springs under the keys, and has the
cables attached to the card edge like thing you describe, but I'm not
sure if it wasn't just a little extension of the board with just holes
in it, not actual card edge contacts. I also think I have a second
version of it, where the connection plate is located somewhere else,
probably shifted to one side. At least one of them has the term "VIC 20"
printed on the board.

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