C64- and VIC-20-types

Date: 2000-06-13 20:39:57

Hallo allemaal,

I made an inventory on all the C64's and VIC-20's I had. In genearl I have 
three types of "Brotkasten" and one (AFAIK) flatmodel. The three can be 
sepperated in two brownish ones and a white one. The brownish ones can be 
sepperated in a type with three pairs of small hooks and a type with three 
broad hooks. With these hooks I mean the hooks on the inside at the back of the 
C64 to close it. 

First column : manufactured in D (West-Germany) or UK
Second column: Small or Broad hooks
Third column : board (and revision)
Fourth column: serial number

D   S   250407A     C34622 
UK  S   250407B     B631630
UK  B   250407B     B489649
D   S   250407B     C66563
D   B   250407C     C253131
D   S   250407C     C49637
UK  B   250407C     B797207
UK  B   250425      B1820878    Metal + paper cover
UK  B   250425      B1378020
UK  S   250425      B1447846
D   S   250425      C203713
D   B   250469      174685      White brotkasten, board incl. 2114

I only have two flat C64's

I never favoured the flat models because A) you could build expansions in it 
and B) the new boards were not repair-friendly. But at those days I didn't know 
I was going to collect all type of C='s ever produced :(

I always thougt there were only two types of VIC-20's but I found at least 
three in my collection. The main differences are the powerplugs. The first one 
has a two-pin plug, pins are sepperated by a small plastic piece. The second 
one has a two-pin plug as well but the pins are smaller, closer to each other 
and not sepperated. The third one has a seven-pin DIN-connector where you can 
plug in the C64 PS.
The above "at least" has to do with the cases (also small and broad hooks) and 
the four different types of keyboards I found. The first one has the cables 
attached to middle of the above side of the KB, the second one is like the 
first one but has edge-connectors as well, the third one has the cables 
attached on the rigth side of the board and the fourth one has the cables 
attached in the middle under the keys.

UK  2-pin S     S       381620      black F-keys    type 4 KB
D   2-pin B     S       34685       brown           type 4 KB
UK  2-pin B     B       24491       brown           type 2 KB
UK  7-pin       B       336181      brown           type 3 KB
UK  7-pin       B       413949      black           type 1 KB

I cannot garantuee that all computers are original. Personally I have my doubts 
about the UK C64 with the metal cover as this could be one of a flat model.

If anybody has questions, please ask.

Groetjes, Ruud

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