Re: Commodore Video Connector (revised)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-07 08:51:44

William Levak wrote:
> I opened the 128DCR and tested the connection from the inside.  It was 5
> V.  I also tested my C128, several versions of C64, the C16 and Plus4.
> I have changed the pinout list to reflect the results.  I don't have a
> SX64, so had to rely on the schematics.

I'm also going to do some tests on C16/116 and +4. Strange that they
should have a different video port! I can also test the SX64. All except
the +4/116 are easy, but those are buried somewhere under a big pile :-( 

> By the way, is there a "D" version of the C64?  There is the original
> version, an A, B, B2, C and E.  What happened to "D"?

I think what you call version C is called B3 by the service manual, and
has ASSY # 250466. It's the same as B2, but has two 41464 RAM chips
instead of eight 4164 chips. There's also the two different E versions,
the later one might be called E2, but this is probably not it's official
Commodore name. So there is no C and no D version.

To make confusion complete, there is a version of the original C64 with
8 pin video connector. I have no idea about it's ASSY # or name, nothing
is printed onto it. Richard confirmed that he also has a few of those,
so it's not only me ;-)

I think the C64 model and board naming is similar confusing as the 1541.
There, there is a 1541 and a 1541C (model names). They can contain:
1540, 1541, 1541A or 1541B boards. I think this is it, the old long
board being the 1540 board, the 1541 board being the first short one,
the 1541A the two revised ones with some empty chip sockets for optional
stuff, and the 1541B the first version to use a 16k ROM chip and
components from the 1551/70/71 drives. The next generation is the
1541-II/1571cr/(1571-II ?) with the SMD R/W chip in them.


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