Re: Commodore Video Connector (revised)

From: William Levak (
Date: 2000-06-07 06:45:54

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> Done. My 128DCR reads 5.02V between pins 2 and 8 of the video port, and
> my 128D has 4.94V. So all 128s should have 5V there. I also tested a
> C64C (E board, ASSY#250469 for Richard), it also has the 5V there. And
> now, surprise! I just grabbed a C64B (#250425, judging from the diode
> fix at the cassette port and the 1 chip clock circuit, I didn't want to
> open the machine) and it also has the 5V supply there. I didn't know
> this before. So, starting from 1984, all C64 and C128 machines have this
> feature. Strange they never mentioned it in a user's manual.

I opened the 128DCR and tested the connection from the inside.  It was 5
V.  I also tested my C128, several versions of C64, the C16 and Plus4.
I have changed the pinout list to reflect the results.  I don't have a
SX64, so had to rely on the schematics.

By the way, is there a "D" version of the C64?  There is the original
version, an A, B, B2, C and E.  What happened to "D"?

            8              7
Commodore          6           Video Connector
            3              1
              5         4
                                                    Plus4     C16/C128
     CBM-II      VIC20     VIC20CR    C64     Pin C64A/SX64   C64B/C/E
    --------- ------------ ------- ---------- --- ---------- ----------
(R) Luminance +5 V         +5 V    Monochrome  1  Monochrome Monochrome (Y)
    Ground    Ground       Ground  Ground      2  Ground     Ground
(B) V. Sync.  Audio        Audio   Audio       3  Audio      Audio      (W)
(W) Video     50 Ohm Video Video   Video       4  Video      Video
(Y) H. Sync.  Video        Video   Audio In    5  Audio In   Audio In
                                               6  Chroma     Chroma     (R)
                                               8             +5 V

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