6809 emulator, anyone? [Slightly OT]

From: Martijn van Buul (pino_at_dohd.cx)
Date: 2000-06-05 11:35:09

Okay. This is slightly off-topic, but since the SuperPET[1] -did- have
a 6809 too..

I've recently obtained an old Vectrex, which I want to program myself.
The Vectrex used a 6809 in combination with a 6522 (And yes, that's
about the complete digital assembly, save 1 KB RAM and an EPROM),
and I'm quite unfamiliar with this processor. I do have the 
programmers manual (which can be ordered from Motorola - They're shipping
it for free), yet this thing is so different from the 6502 that I'd like
to experiment with it a bit. However, I can't just put in a piece of
code in memory, run it, and see what it has done, due to the way a
Vectrex works[2]. The Vectrex community is sort of spoiled with game
console collectors, so I don't expect much help there. Does anyone of
you know a 6809 emulator somewhere? It doesn't have to be very fancy...

Kind regards,


[1] Which is sadly missing from my collection.
[2] A Vectrex doesn't use a video-image, but has direct access to the
    beam deflectors. It draws its own image. You can't hit enter, and
    take a peek at some memory locations since there's no way to put
    these memory locations on screen easily.
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