Re: PET Shugart interface?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-04-15 16:58:28

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, William Levak wrote:
> > This is a rather rare version of the PET.  Actually, it should say CBM
> > professional computer on the front and should be referred to as a CBM.
> On the left it says 'C= commodore', in the middle it says 'professional
> computer' and on the right it says '3032 Series'. It has neither the 'PET'
> nor 'CBM' initials I have seen on other pre-VIC machines. The chips inside
> have date codes from 1979, making it my earliest Commodore machine by a
> long way.

>From my readings the 3000 series is the european version of the
full-sized keyboard 2001 series, (upgrade ROMS, 9" screen, etc.)  I've
read that Commodore had to remove the PET name or be in conflict with
Phillips Electronics trademarks (though I can't seem to peg down whether
it is a fact or not), that might be the reason for no PET name...
> > This may have an interface connected to the expansion connector on the
> > right side of the circuit board, or the interface may be in the drive
> > unit.  Normally, the only circuit board inside this machine, is the main
> > system board.  The only way to be sure is to open it and see what the
> > cable is connected to.
> Inside there is a PCB about half the size of the main system board, which
> plugs into the IDC connectors on the right of the board and also has a few
> smaller connectors running from it. One that caught my eye in particular
> was a 10 way IDC connector on the floppy board, which connects to one of
> the empty ROM sockets on the main board. The only identifying marks on the
> floppy board are the following: 'DD DSK CTL P2' and 'ASSY 1000176', and on
> the solder side 'COMPUTHINK' and 'FAB 5000120-000'. Curiously, there is a
> daughterboard on the floppy board itself, which contains 2 2716 EPROMs and
> some glue circuitry. It is mounted vertically in an edge connector slot on
> the floppy board.

I met the designer of that controller, (have his name and e-mail address
*somewhere*), at the last Vintage Computer Festival.

You can find a good overview of using computhink drives in COMPUTE!s
'Programming the PET/CBM' by Raeto West.  Computhink predates commodore
drives, as they were initially designed to work around the problems with
the original PET ROMs.

> I wish I had a digital camera!
> Richard
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