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Date: 2000-04-02 21:12:50

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Subject: C64/C128 cartridges

> I have acquired two cartridges that I have no information on.
> SWL by MICROLOG  -  This has 3 jacks and a switch on the end.
>                     They are labeled:
>                      SPEAKER     HAND  <------>
>                     EARPHONE      KEY NAR. WIDE
>                                        170 425
>                                       CW   850

This is a cartridge for doing Morse Code on the commdore.  Had a friend that
was big into Ham Radio a few years back and he used a cart. light SWL to
send and receive morse.  Commodore's were great for doing morse and other
ham stuff, and up until a few years ago were the computer of choice.  The
pc's got cheap and the hardware support went out the door.  You can find the
hardware occasionally at ham radio swap meets.

> PARTNER 128 by TIMEWORKS - This has a white button on top and a joystick
>                            cable coming out the side.  It says on the top:
>                           IMPORTANT: Consult your manual for instructions
>                           before inserting cartridge.
> Does anyone have any information on these?

This is a utility cart for the 128.  Im not sure how its activated though.
It has applications on it(spreadsheet, wordprocessor, etc.)

Hope that helps.

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