Re: C64 CP/M Cartridge
Date: 2000-03-24 20:47:29

Hallo allemaal,

Sory for answering so late.

For Andras, Sami amd the others: I did download the disks as well and they 
worked perfectly. But I also noticed this strange behaviour when resetting my 
C64. Turning the power off and then on again made the disks function again.
BTW, the disks are almost the same; one just contains some more PRGs.

My regualr C64 is a "Brotkasten" with ASSY NO 250425. (But writing this I start 
to think that I used the B-type; the one that did not use the 8701 clock-IC) 

> For the Commodore Z80 cartridge: didn't Ruud draw the schematics? Maybe
> he knows what is wrong with the design.

I made a SCH and it is on FUNET. But I have to mention that I have the distinct 
feeling that there is a error in it. The error is that I somehow mixed up DOT 
and CLOCK or at least some lines. You'll see that in my SCH DOT drives the 
enable-gate of the 373 and that does not look good to me. Unfortunally I have 
no idea where my cartridge is (yes, it is in my room buy in which of the four 
closets :( ). 

As I already mentiond it uses the DOT-clock. But I don't know how this signal 
behaves on a NTSC-machine.

The cartridge had one big flaw IMHO: the IRQ- and NMI-line are NOT used. So it 
must have been a hell for a programmer to program things like reading the 
keyboard, taskswitching etc.

Groetjes, Ruud

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