Re: C64 CP/M Cartridge

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-03-20 21:47:58

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Nicolas Welte wrote:
> > I always wondered if there are different versions of the CP/M cartridge
> > for PAL and NTSC systems. After all the timing between these two differs
> > much more than between any revision with the same video system.
> 'Timing' here refers to the nature of the signal waveforms on each
> individual clock pulse; not the number of clock pulses per line / frame /
> whatever.

This wasn't what I meant, I thought of the difference in the dot clock
and Phi2 frequency: 8.18 vs 7.88 MHz and the same divided by 8 for Phi2.

> I think it's about time cbm-hackers looked into what can be done to the
> CP/M cartridge to make it compatible with all C64s. I see it not as a CP/M
> cartridge but a general purpose Z80 second processor, and I'd like to be
> able to run ported ZX Spectrum code on a C64 with CP/M cartridge or a

Then it might be worthwile to look for the 8MHz CP/M cartridge a German
company made (or at least advertised) for a while. I think it was
Rossmöller, the same company who made the first 65816 card with 4MHz
(TurboProcess). But I have no idea who has one, might be interesting to
see the schematics.

For the Commodore Z80 cartridge: didn't Ruud draw the schematics? Maybe
he knows what is wrong with the design.


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