Re: CBM DOS 1.0 / CBM 2040, 3040 with 670 blk free

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2000-03-06 10:47:34

William Levak wrote:
> Osborne's "PET Personal Computer Guide" lists a whole page of bugs with
> DOS 1.  The only one that refers to the IEEE bus is as follows:

Is there an electronic copy available of that book?

> "Occasionally during a multiple Get command, the disk unit transmits a
> data byte onto the bus that may appear to other peripherals like a command
> >from the computer."

Well, maybe I should check that. The virtual drives (filesystem access)
have their own IEEE488 state engine, so this might interfere, and
I did not check that with virtual drives off I think.

> Most 2040/3040 drives were upgraded to 4040s when the new ROMs were
> released.  Drives with 2040/3040 labels on the outside probably do not
> contain 2040/3040 ROMs.  You will have to check the part numbers on the
> ROMs to be sure.

But I guess all 4040 ROMs have 664 blocks free, right? Unfortunately I
no idea where the old 3040 drive from our school went, that definitely
had 670 blocks free.

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