CBM DOS 1.0 / CBM 2040, 3040 with 670 blk free

From: Andre Fachat (a.fachat_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2000-03-05 19:56:13


After having added DOS 2 / 4040 emulation to VICE (luckily the hardware
is basically the same as the already working 8x50 drives so this
was the work of an afternoon or two) I want to go for the DOS 1
emulation, i.e. the 2040/3040 drives that have disks with 670 blocks

The problem I have with the DOS 1 ROMs on funet is that I cannot
seem to make them work in VICE - well, the disk drive runs, but
the PET and the drive donīt understand each other.
(e.g. I get the errorcode - but the drive does not send the EOI or so
it seems)

But then I _know_ that we had a 3040 disk drive at our school that
had 670 blocks free and worked together with a 3032, and even 4032
PET, that _do_ work in VICE.

Is it possible that there are more revisions? At least the ROM numbers
from the ROMs on funet indicate that (-06 and -07 for DOS1, but
-11 - -13 for DOS2).

Now the questions:
- Anyone has an idea about the bugs in that version on funet?
- Anyone has the program to read out the ROMs from a working 2040/3040?
- Anyone with a working 2040/3040 that would be willing to read out
  the (possibly different) ROMs and upload them to funet?


P.S.: No, I am not an active VICE team member anymore, but for the fun
of it I still occasionally do some stuff - it just has to happen that
I have all the necessary info, some free time, the current development
version of VICE and the right mood - all of which is sparse today - at
the same time ;-)
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