Re: Magic Voice Software

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2000-02-16 03:18:35

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> Yesterday I did a little experiment with my Magic Voice to finally hear
> something else than the built-in vocabulary. As is mentioned in the MV
> manual, the game cartridges GORF and Wizard of Wor support the voice
> module. Both is confirmed by reports that can be seen on Cameron's
> Secret Weapons page. Since these game cartridges are probably hard to
> get and quite expensive, a good option is to make your own cartridge.
> gorf.crt is available for download, so I stripped the header and loaded
> the image into my RAM cartridge. Amazing, it really works and sentences
> like "Commodore presents GORF, a Bally/Midway game. Long live GORF! Push
> the joystick button. Hahahaha." and several others which I didn't
> understand. I only had quite a hard time with the pass thru expansion
> port of the MV, it seems to be equally crappy as the one in the SX64.
> The contact springs are not strong enough for some cartridges.

I've been looking for Gorf for a while. I bought Wizard of Wor from eBay
(not too expensive) and was very impressed with the 'evil'-sounding
voices. All in all, I think the Magic Voice is quite a neat toy, even
though it has no really useful purpose.

> Does someone have the other two titles that are mentioned: A Bee C's and
> Magic Desk? Should also be the cartridge version I guess...

Did you try Wizard of Wor? I highly recommend it. I'm going to make a C64
EPROM cartridge very soon, like I did with the plus/4 and an old Jack
Attack cartridge. I'm interested in knowing where you found the Gorf .crt
file. I'll also second your request for the others - surely someone has
ABC's or Magic Desk?


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