Magic Voice Software

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-02-15 13:37:01

Yesterday I did a little experiment with my Magic Voice to finally hear
something else than the built-in vocabulary. As is mentioned in the MV
manual, the game cartridges GORF and Wizard of Wor support the voice
module. Both is confirmed by reports that can be seen on Cameron's
Secret Weapons page. Since these game cartridges are probably hard to
get and quite expensive, a good option is to make your own cartridge.
gorf.crt is available for download, so I stripped the header and loaded
the image into my RAM cartridge. Amazing, it really works and sentences
like "Commodore presents GORF, a Bally/Midway game. Long live GORF! Push
the joystick button. Hahahaha." and several others which I didn't
understand. I only had quite a hard time with the pass thru expansion
port of the MV, it seems to be equally crappy as the one in the SX64.
The contact springs are not strong enough for some cartridges.

There are also file based versions of the two games around, but they
were ripped from the cartridges and do not work with the MV, because
they will overwrite RAM under the BASIC, where the MV stores it's own

Does someone have the other two titles that are mentioned: A Bee C's and
Magic Desk? Should also be the cartridge version I guess...

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