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Date: 2000-02-11 02:39:57

Hi Richard,
There was a bit of discussion ~dec99 on this maillist regarding the Vic
switch.... Can send you the posts if you need them, but it essentially is a
"one at a time networking box" designed to connect upto 8 C64s to one "set"
of peripherals (drives, printers)

I recently got mine and it was also a Handic brand.  Though made in Sweden,
it was purchased from the US so assume it was 110V operation.  I did open it
up last night and most connectors are 220V rated.  So perhaps a question for
Ruud (i think he had one), can we compare the inside of the of the one you
use in the Netherlands (assume 220V) to the 110V US ones?  My on-board PSU
has two regs (+15V, +5V)... and no voltage selection jumpers... my thinking
is Handic built one unit and sold worldwide - regulating transformer out to
15V and then feeding to 5V reg so that the 5V reg was always protected....
It would be good if this was the case... we need to perhaps compare
transformer numbers (i don't have mine in front of me at the moment)

- Nick

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> I've got a handic VIC-SWITCH, power jack+9 serial ports in back, power
> LED+8 more LEDs in front. 
> I know it is some kind of peripheral sharing device, but would like to
> know more about how to use it.  Also, can I hook up 110V to it, if I got a
> power cord from Radio Shack? 
> Thanks for any info....
> Richard John Melick <>
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