Re: Data Sheets

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-02-10 10:50:11

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Richard Atkinson wrote:

> Has anyone ever disassembled the speech ROM on Bo's V364 site or funet, to
> see whether double-write behaviour can be found, and if so to which
> addresses?

A quick regexp search "\(..\)\1" revealed a sequence of four $e6 $d1.
Other repeating two-byte sequences were probably data.  I also searched
for three-byte sequences: $06 $ee $84 repeats six times.  I don't have a
disassembler at hand, but this should be helpful to anyone who wants to
investigate further.

> It's possible the two writes to $FD20 in the final TED kernal are this
> sort of thing, but I've not been able to disassemble the speech .bin
> file. I don't actually know how to load it into a specified address in an
> emulator, let alone a real plus/4. Writing it to an EPROM is the best idea
> I've had so far.

In the beginning, it has two times jmp $839d (yes, that was also found by
my regexp search).  This suggests that the starting address is $8000.
Prepend the bytes $00 $80 to the file, and load it as a normal program to


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