Printing PETSCII in the modern world?

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2000-01-18 07:11:41

I'm trying to easily "print" some PET BASIC programs for a web page and am
looking for a way to create some form of file that represents the PETSCII
graphic characters properly.  If I have to write one, here's what I'm looking

The program I am envisioning would take a PET BINARY file as an input and
output one or more graphic files (PNG, GIF, etc.) as "pages" from a virtual
printer.  This could be done using Tom Boutell's gd library and a real C=
character ROM image, among other solutions.   

If there happens to be a CBM True Type Font for WinBlows, I could always
"print" the file and convert it to a PDF.

I'd rather not print out the programs on paper and scan them in, but that
might be the fastest solution.

Does VICE have a screen capture feature?


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