Re: REU Rom Socket?

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2000-01-13 09:51:48

Randy Winchester wrote:

> The RAMDOS in KeyDOS ROM is the CBM implementation.  It was used in
> accordance with the conditions stated in the release notes.  There were a
> number of changes made to the BASIC loader portion of RAMDOS to make it
> function from a ROM and to take up less valuable space.  RAMDOS uses the
> largest portion of KeyDOS and I had a lot of other utilities I wanted to
> shoehorn into 32K.

> I haven't considered it.  I might eventually release the source code,
> because there is interest, but I it wouldn't be fair to  other distributors
> to let the ROM images escape.

But a lite version (RAMDOS only) would be nice and interesting for some
of us.
(I meant of course ROM binary.)

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