Re: REU Rom Socket?

From: Andrew Vardy (
Date: 2000-02-04 09:56:41

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> At 09:22 AM 1/12/2000 +0800, [COPLIN, Nicholas.] wrote:
> > [COPLIN, Nicholas.]  So was there ever a CBM implementation of
> >RAMDOS available in ROM?
> The RAMDOS in KeyDOS ROM is the CBM implementation.  It was used in
> accordance with the conditions stated in the release notes.  There were a
> number of changes made to the BASIC loader portion of RAMDOS to make it
> function from a ROM and to take up less valuable space.  RAMDOS uses the
> largest portion of KeyDOS and I had a lot of other utilities I wanted to
> shoehorn into 32K.
> The patch to recognize REUs larger than 512K was a third party freeware
> addition.  I tested it with 512K, 1MB and 2MB REUs.

Did it fix the file size bug in RAMDOS?  It refused to load programs past
some address $f000, something like that.

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