Re: REU Rom Socket?

From: Randy Winchester (randy_at_MIT.EDU)
Date: 2000-01-11 21:18:46

At 06:57 PM 1/11/2000 +0000, Richard Atkinson wrote:
>So when you said, and I quote: "RAMDOS was implemented in ROM on all of my
>1750 REUs and about 2500 others that I know of." - you were referring to
>KeyDOS-modified REUs not a RAMDOS-only mod?

That is correct  - I'm talking about the KeyDOS modification.  

>I still don't know what RAMDOS is! Is this something that came on the 1541
>test/demo disk, to be loaded into RAM? Or if it runs from ROM, what is the
>significance of the 'RAM' ?

It was on the 17xx REU test/demo disk.  It's software that allows the REU
to be used as a disk drive.  Once installed, the REU responds to most C=
DOS commands: LOAD, SAVE, CATALOG, etc.  The benefit of having it on ROM is
the obvious one - you don't have to find the disk, type in the command,
wait for it to load, etc.  The significance of the RAM is that 512K (or 2MB
for the expanded models) makes a very nice fast disk drive.

Randy Winchester,
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