Re: EPP or ECP based data transfer

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-01-11 15:42:00

On Mon, 10 Jan 100 wrote:

> I tried AltaVista's searchmachine but probably with the wrong keywords
> as it kept on digging up lots and lots of pages but mainly about
> mainboards for PC's.  So may I ask you or anybody else again for the
> info and/or URL's?

With the search phrase "+ECP +EPP", Evreka reports a link to
<URL:> at the top of the list.  That document
contains a link to the IEEE 1284 FAQ by Warp Nine.  And like I said, I
posted the URLs to Warp Nine's ECP and EPP documents in another message.

I measured the power output of the ECP/EPP capable printer port in my PC
the other day.  Both pins 16 and 17 gave around 1.35 mW (measured with two
different resistances in the kilo-ohm range) when programmed to logic '1'.  
By tying these two outputs together with two low-dropout diodes, I got
2.6 mW, still too little to operate a 74LS74. But the corresponding CMOS
device 4013 (with a different pinout) should cope with less than one µW at
least when it is idle.


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