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Date: 2000-01-10 23:15:21

Halo allemaal,

You'll find my original homepage at 
"http://home.hccnet.nl/g.baltissen/index.htm". I only was granted 1 MB and 
therefor I subscribed to "HetNet" (= Dutch Telecom) were I got another 5 MB for 
free. I simply don't know how lomg I will keep these 5 MB because there is a 
chance they throw me out because I don't use their other services (enough). So 
what ever provider holds my homepage, the entrance to it always will be the 
One remark: as some of you already noticed, my site is not finished yet. I hope 
to have eliminated all flaws and errors towards the end of the month.

I wrote a document about how the hardware of the 1541 which writes to / reads 
from the flopyydisk functions. I would be pleased if some of you would be so 
nice to read and comment it. Thanks.

Groetjes, Ruud

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