Re: EPP or ECP based data transfer

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 2000-01-07 04:33:27

"COPLIN, Nicholas." wrote:
> There was already a commercial cart for downloading games two via either
> tape or even via the SID output of a C64.  I too have thought about building
> a simple RAM-cart for the 2600, but its limited native addressing space
> means that you'll also need latches etc to emulator the bank switching on
> carts of greater than 4kB.

Yup, the cart is called the Starpath/Arcadia Supercharger - it's got
6K of RAM and 2K of ROM, and a little 1/8" jack on a short cable that
was meant to be hooked up to a tape player - software for it was
distributed on tape.  Some folks figured out how the tapes were encoded,
and Bob Colbert made an Amiga and DOS version of a program that would
take a 2k or 4k Atari 2600 binary and turn it into a .wav file.  I
made a C64 version that does everything on the fly a few years ago -
it seems to work reliably, on NTSC machines anyway - I even did a wee
bit of Atari programming on my 64 back then.  Anyway, check it out at 
Robin Harbron
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