Re: VI-editor for DOS

From: Chris Bongaarts (
Date: 2000-01-06 22:16:16

In the immortal words of

>I'm looking for a DOS editor with the features of VI. This means when saving a 
>file, the editor will NOT add a return at the end of the line on the screen. 
>This is something WP 5.1 and, AFAIK, all well known editors do when you save it 
>as DOS-text. 
>Who can help me?

There are vi clones for DOS around... I used to have one on my PC at

>I also knew a site which was well known because they supplied a lot of 
>free/shareware ordered by alphabet. I only remember something about "Wallnut" 
>but that word was not in the URL.

Walnut Creek?  They're ftp/

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