C64/128 & zip'd files

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 1999-11-30 14:49:46

is there an prg that can create zip files the same format as pkzip on the mac ?
i've got a C128D ( device 9 )  and a 1570 drive( device 8 )  plus a spare
1541 drive (device ??)

( any suggestions etc that don't cost money ???  )

i can unzip files on the c64/128 that i've created on my mac using pkzip
but it'd make life a whole lot easier if i could create them as a first
stage of  things  ;->

I've got to work within the limitations of the equipment i've got and my
non-existant budget !.
i've found that lynx 17 is very good and has been able to tackle all the
 i've found another good prg is one called arkive2 ( from chap in germany )
-  that creates arc files but will also undo lnx's with no bother .
to shift files onto the internet i've got to
from 1541 to amiga a500 via ami64link
from amiga a500+ to pc 720k disk via messydos
from pc720k disk into my mac via apple file exchange .

if i could find a zipper prg that worked on the C64 that created files  i
could undo with pkzip on my mac  ( to ensure that it's compatible across
platforms ) the lynx would vanish in an instant  to a back number disk ! .

( any suggestions etc that don't cost money ???  )

when i shift disks from 8050 for the internet if i just binary copied them
into the amiga when i try to shift them onto pc 720k disk the names are
dos-ified which rather mangles things ! - hence the idea of using lynx17 to
retain the names as is and just have one binary bundle to deal with amongst
the process as at times my amiga drive can be awkward and not write to pc
disk properly ( if it don't work it'll be obvious right away and not lost
amongst 100 other files ) .

i've attached the combined sipod files off to a chap in usa from the
newsgroup comp.sys.cbm and i'm waiting to hear from him (?)

Commodore Forever ;->

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