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Date: 1999-11-18 02:47:09

Thanks for the replies :)

	> > 3) how does one DMA to write to the 6510 ports 0x0000 and
	> One doesn't.  It's also difficult to write to the memory locations
0 and 1
	> with the 6510, but it's possible and I've done it.
	I've some experience with a CP/M-module for the C64 and I only can
	what Marko writes. If I wanted to change the memory configuration, I
had to 
	activate the 6510 again.
so how does this work?

	> > The contents of this email (including any attachments) may be 
	> > privileged and confidential.
	> Does this mean that your company is going to develop an
	> cartridge for the C64? :-)

The email trailer is attached by my work's server and I can't switch it
off.... they are into engine /fuel system development, though do have a few
good electronic people.... (they are mostly into hacking GameBoys)

re: developing a C64 accelerator, I was just brainstorming again (read as:
"dreaming").... thought was a scalable processor /cart using an all in one
PC running a core only emulator (and maybe an REU emu) and writing_all
/reading_IO via 1MHz DMAs to the real hardware (probably via a set of 8255
chips on a PCslot or LPT port).... upgrade the PC and upgrade the stays the same... unlike the SCPU which is 20MHz until
someone makes a faster 65816....

[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  - nick 


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