Re: 82S100 Data Sheet

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-11-04 17:40:01

Sam Laur wrote:
> One other chance would be Russian semiconductors,
> They list PLS100-equivalents at 2.90 Swiss Francs (in lots of 10), or
> PLS101-equivalents at 1.90 Francs. Military versions also available :-)

Interesting, because I'm living near the Swiss border. I don't think
that it is very useful to program a C64 PLA, they're still readily
available. But the other ones, like the 906114-02 to -05 of the PET and
CBM-II series might be good targets, as well as the one from the Plus/4.
What kind of programmer is used to burn these devices? The datasheet
doesn't say anything about that. Does it make any difference if the
PLS100 or the PLS101 is used (3-state vs OC output)?

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