Re: 82S100 Data Sheet

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1999-11-03 07:46:46

> Nice job, William! The question remains - is this part still available?

Available, but rather pricey. At least in the Farnell catalog, you can
get a Philips PZ5032 CPLD, or even a Lattice ispLSI1016 for about the
same price - plus, both of them could probably fit *many* C-64 PLA
equivalents inside them. Plus, at least the Philips one would consume
much less power. (Though the Philips CPLDs are now Xilinx...)

One other chance would be Russian semiconductors, 

They list PLS100-equivalents at 2.90 Swiss Francs (in lots of 10), or
PLS101-equivalents at 1.90 Francs. Military versions also available :-)

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