Re: Doorst: Amiga 500 + A590

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-10-22 07:36:50

> but they only take special GVP SIMMs, if I recall correctly.

Either 4 1M SIMMs or 2 4M SIMMs. They can be either 8- or 9-bit.
Set the jumpers accordingly.

> seems to hang.  In fact it is polling the drive or some such, and will do
> so for a minute or two, and then the machine boots off the hard drive.

Set the drive to SCSI-ID 0 and set the "last disk" bit in the
GVP Faaastprep. It makes the controller stop the disk scan
to that disk. You just have to remember to undo the change when
you add drives (or make the old drive the last ID).

I vaguely remember having 1.98g. Yep. That's it.
I'll put it up for download. Temporarily available at

I am not totally certain, but you CAN use Commodore's HDToolBox
also. Note that if the Last Disk bit is set, the GVP controller
won't find the extra drives at all, but e.g. A3000 controller
will. GVP needs a reboot after resetting the last disk bit.

I also have a GVP bootdisk, which is used for a 1.2 machine.
(Boot from floppy, add HD's, then continue boot from there.)

"Commander, we've just finished a security scan.
 The Minbari's coming with its gun ports open.
 She's armed for a fight."
	-- Corwin to Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Legacies"
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