Re: 264 series questions

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-10-07 17:51:53

Nicolas Welte írta:

> Ah, so there is probably lots of gating inside the GAL ;-) In my opinion
> the SID belongs to the C64 anyway and I don't care much about
> alternative uses like the Plus/4, the SIDstation and the HardSID. I even
> find it _extremely_ strange that CBM used in the B series! But, how much
> is such a Plus/4 SID cart and does it come with or without SID?

Christian still sells it, for about 100DM (with a 8580).

Well this design was or should have been a must; in the early '90-s a
lot of people coded on Plus/4 (both in Germany and Hungary). They were
pushing and pushing the limits (...well, they were, I guess, still not
reached); however the original sound of the computer was simply _crap.
Even one, such loosely interfaced SID (different clock, rather different
voice because of the filters and a really noticeable overdrive
distortion) was a heaven in opposition to the TED's sounds.


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