<Q> C64 ULTIMAX mode-

From: Radioactive Warrior (radwar_at_mindspring.com)
Date: 1999-09-25 21:36:46

Hi all,
I am trying to find out what the 6510 sees at addresses $1000 - $7FFF
in "ultimax mode".  My code kept crashing when I tried switching into
ultimax mode (I had the ML at $2000) and as soon as I moved the ML to
$0F00 (toggling /EXROM & /GAME with an external latch at $DE00, ala
super snapshot) it worked on the first go...
What decodes ULTIMAX addresses, the PLA?  Could someone list how the
PLA behaves when /EXROM = 1 & /GAME = 0   ???  The c64 PRG does a
piss-poor job, as per usual, of explaining it saying only $1000-7FFF
and $A000-CFFF is "OPEN" in ultimax mode.


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