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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-09-20 16:27:08

Sam Laur wrote:
> > The Commodore jack is not a standard 8-pin DIN; the upper pins are a little
> > bit off from the model Radio Shack sells...  :(
> Well, in fact there are two different (both are standard!) 8-pin DIN
> connectors, one is a "270-degree" connector and the other is a "262-degree"
> connector. In the 270-deg. connector, the outer 7 pins form a neat circle,
> whereas in the 262-degree connector the lowest two pins are "out of circle".
> The 270-deg. version is covered under DIN 45326 and the 262-deg. version is
> DIN 41524. Just like there are 3 different 5-pin connectors...
> On the C-64, a 270-degree female connector is used as the power connector,
> and the video connector is a 262-degree one.
> There are also 13- and 14-pin "DIN" connectors, however I'm not sure if
> they are made according to any standard or not. A 13-pin connector is used
> at least in the Atari ST monitor connector, and the 14-pin connector is used
> on the old Amstrad PC's (PC1512, PPC640,...)

There also is one of those 14 pin DINs used for the CMD hard drive's parallel
cable too.  (I think the ST also uses it for something...?)

> also as a monitor connector -
> here, the monitor contains a power supply, and through this connector this
> power is also routed into the PC itself.
> Wow. Wasn't that boring :-)

Actually very informative!  Thanks, it may be the key for people to actually
be able to order what they need.
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