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From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1999-09-20 09:37:19

> The Commodore jack is not a standard 8-pin DIN; the upper pins are a little
> bit off from the model Radio Shack sells...  :(

Well, in fact there are two different (both are standard!) 8-pin DIN 
connectors, one is a "270-degree" connector and the other is a "262-degree"
connector. In the 270-deg. connector, the outer 7 pins form a neat circle,
whereas in the 262-degree connector the lowest two pins are "out of circle".
The 270-deg. version is covered under DIN 45326 and the 262-deg. version is
DIN 41524. Just like there are 3 different 5-pin connectors...

On the C-64, a 270-degree female connector is used as the power connector,
and the video connector is a 262-degree one.

There are also 13- and 14-pin "DIN" connectors, however I'm not sure if
they are made according to any standard or not. A 13-pin connector is used
at least in the Atari ST monitor connector, and the 14-pin connector is used
on the old Amstrad PC's (PC1512, PPC640,...) also as a monitor connector -
here, the monitor contains a power supply, and through this connector this
power is also routed into the PC itself.

Wow. Wasn't that boring :-)

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