Re: New idea HD for C=

From: Andrew Vardy (
Date: 1999-09-11 22:19:14

> I *really* like this idea. As we all know, the 1541 has a spare 8 bit port
> on one of the VIAs, and that's exactly what an IDE interface would need in
> addition to a decoded bit of address space and a little bit of glue logic.
> Unfortunately software is not my strongest point, so:
> 1. Have the 1541 ROMs been disassembled and fully documented yet?

Yes.  Read 'Inside Commodore DOS' by Immers and Neufeld.  
Surely someone must have scanned this book by now.

> 2. Is CBM-DOS capable of accessing large drives? If not, it would have to
> be implemented as a large number of virtual disks, which might not be a
> bad idea as it would get round the no-subdirectories limitation.

That DOS is designed for whatever disk media is under the hood.

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