Re: New idea HD for C= and 1541 ROM Listing

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Date: 1999-09-11 22:19:14

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Subject:        	Re: New idea HD for C= and 1541 ROM Listing
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> Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> > BTW, the burst mode in the C128 is so brain-dead that it cannot load SEQ
> > files (at least not in the 1985 version).  I think I saw in some
> > documentation that there's a bit in the burst protocol that specifies
> > whether it'll load anything, or just PRG files.
> The situation is even worse: The 1571 ROM version -03 won't load PRG
> files with the protection bit set, because the burst code checks if the
> file type byte is equal to $82. The first and only 1570 ROM had this bug
> already fixed, but I don't think that it will load USR files. I also don't
> think that there is a bug in the C128 ROM that is related to the file
> type. 

Not a bug.  A choice made.  But it does seem brain dead to 
restrict the file type.

That means I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to actually be 
able to load a SEQ file.

You want to sometimes.  Because I don't know if we have very 
good file readers.  So might as well load one that way if you want a 
close look at such a file, in the built-in monitor.

Not to mention the fact, we have no 'diff' for the Commodore!  Thus, 
got to pretend to accomplish comparisons manually.

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