Re: New idea HD for C= and 1541 ROM Listing

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-09-06 21:26:10

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> BTW, the burst mode in the C128 is so brain-dead that it cannot load SEQ
> files (at least not in the 1985 version).  I think I saw in some
> documentation that there's a bit in the burst protocol that specifies
> whether it'll load anything, or just PRG files.

The situation is even worse: The 1571 ROM version -03 won't load PRG
files with the protection bit set, because the burst code checks if the
file type byte is equal to $82. The first and only 1570 ROM had this bug
already fixed, but I don't think that it will load USR files. I also
don't think that there is a bug in the C128 ROM that is related to the
file type. 

> what the record length is.  I'd rather have had a reasonable equivalent of
> fseek()/fread()/fwrite() calls than REL files in Commodore drives.

I think such a technique has been developed by demo coders/crackers.
There are some multilevel games around that have all levels compressed
in one big file, and before the game starts the drive obviously collects
all the sector linkers to have quick access to any position inside the
file. This process is very fast, comparable to the 15 seconds validate
program that reads in all the linkers.


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