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Date: 1999-09-11 22:19:15

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> Apparently filetype is one of the first bytes in the directory entry, and
> there are 32 bytes altogether. This means that an extra type can easily be
> added (there are a total of 128 filetypes possible, bit 7 being used to

Here is the CMD way of doing things, for the CMD have nots:

5	CBM	1581 partition
6	DIR		Native mode subdirectory

> indicate a file is closed). After the 16 bytes for the filename there are
> 15 left over, or 13 if the two spare bytes at the end are not to be used.
> This should be plenty of space for other information (eg. start LBA
> address, #tracks, #sectors) about the subdirectory, and if more is needed
> the indirection pointing to the start of the 'file' can be used to store
> 254 bytes of information.
> Does anyone know how a LOAD"$",8 is implemented? Is it handled (as far as
> the computer is concerned) as a normal file called $ which the drive then
> traps and sends back a special text file? Or does the computer send a
> different kind of request...

Don't follow the question.  What do you ask?

No, its not a text file.

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