Re: 8032-SK questions

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-09-11 09:38:11

>>> The floppy diskdrive (serial no: 09557) is a huge piece of metal and
>> and when connected to the PET 200 shines with three red LEDs. I noticed that
>> when the PET 200 is shut off, the drive flashes the right and middle LED
>> from green to red light. I also noticed that when the PET is connected to
>> the 8050, it does not give away any startup-sound when switched on. Maybe
>> that sound only works as a warning to tell that there's no extra floppy
>> attached?
>You have the connector connected properly, in the right port and right side
>up?  Sounds almost like you are plugging the drive in the user port...

what happens when the drive is switched on when it's not linked in any form
to the SK ? ,
any red light free standing = probs .

>> I also would like to have some
>> software to play with. I know there are games produced especially for the
>> PET, so do you know where I can get some 5 1/4"-floppies?
>I have d64 images on my site of some games, as well as some on the
>FTP site too.  The tough part will be getting them to 8050 format as there is
>no equivalent drive for the 64 (which would have been your best conversion

think different !
 the problem is getting stuff onto 8050 disk
have a 4040 as drive 9 in daisy chain  ( like i have ;-)  )   undo the
d64's to real in a 15xx then just bung it in 4040 .
use sipod link to use your SK as an IEEE interface for c64 to use the 8050
as one of it's peripherals  ( like i have ;-> )
i'll make getting the sipod link next priority for uploading - but i'm
going to be 'offline' for non computing reasons for next week so please be
patient :-(
the sipod has a section of  S/W to run in your CBM/PET and a plug from
userport to C64 serial .
the prg has to be run in the cbm/pet first which may require me to send
through post an 8050 disk ( along with construct info for lead ) .
send me snail mail addy if wanting this and i'll organize something , the
original file came on tape so it can be supplied in that format as it'll be
cheaper and i can do it off the shelf with some tapes i no longer need !  (
i'll have to practice with tape copying item i've been given for c64 -
hurrah an excuse to play with it !! )

at first i thought about using d64's but then i thought about what i'd like
to have to undo onto disk so i went along the lynx/zip route for the files
i upload to my website etc .

( BTW - will be altering my links page as soon as etc to correct the entry
to larry andersons site when i'm back  'online' )

the 4022 only has one button -well at least my one has ! - just hold it
down when power switch on and it'll churn away test page , hold it down
until head moves then let go .

it's the epson mx70 dressed up - so any ribbons marked for that range of
beasties  will be the same , i stocked up when i came across a place that
had them at bargain rates so i've got a couple stored away and i've got a
few more ribbons that are used in other machines from tandy's clearance
sale for experimenting with beyond that !! .
Commodore Forever ;-)

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