tripod and compressed files

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-09-07 11:39:01

I've found out ( or had it pointed out to me - thanks mr CC !! ) that the
gz files i've uploaded are corrupt in that tripod has shoved it's own code
into it and destroyed them while keeping the filenames .
The zip files are untouched as it recognizes them as compressed and don't
touch them ,
so i've got out my original work disks and compressed them into zips and
tidyed up the names , i'll be uploading them all into a single
directory/folder as soon as poss .
when i checked the uploads i just checked a zip file and thought that the
rest would be same !,
i just used gz compression on my mac for some files as it an easier prg to
use compared to the zip prg .
I think that i'll be able to get on with next batch of uploading fresh
stuff soon - still ,a man who never made mistakes never made anything !
Commodore Forever ;-)

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